VINNO Ultrasound
for aesthetic medicine

VINNO Ultrasound 
for aesthetic medicine

  • Superior Image Quality
  • Wider Range of Devices
  • Training and Support


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A complete ultrasound system

VINNO has pioneered a handheld ultrasound system that shares the same technology platform as VINNO’s high end portable ultrasound systems.

Superficial Temporal Artery

Best In Class Image Quality

Most importantly, we believe the VINNO Q series has the best image quality of any hand held ultrasound device.

Advanced Functionality

VINNO Q series supports panoramic imaging, needle enhancement, dicom, remote connectivity, easy compare and much more

RF Platform

VINNO’s RF platform means the system can capture huge amounts of raw data for excellent image quality and powerful post processing

Easy Disinfection

The Q Series is rated IPX7, meaning it can be submerged in water or other disinfecting agents for up to 30 minutes.

Flyinsono App

Flyinsono enables cloud based services such as remote streaming and diagnosis. Remote maintenance, and teaching.

Simple, Powerful Software

The software to run the Q series is free (no subscriptions) and is simple to use. Yet it also contains many features for advanced users.

Wide Range of Options to suit your individual needs

VINNO V6 Portable Ultrasound


Portable Ultrasound

  • Portable
  • Premium Image
  • Wide transducer selection


Handheld Ultrasound 

  • Handheld 
  • Superior Image Quality 
  • Complete Software Package


Cart Based System

  • Powerful High End System
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Multiple Transducer Ports
VINNO Aesthetic Ultrasound

Why is VINNO different?

VINNO brings high end ultrasound imaging into a range of different ultrasound devices from hand held to cart based. VINNO’s revolutionary RF technology gives superior image clarity and colour doppler sensitivity. In Australia, VINNO’s team of ultrasound experts are on hand to support you in this new and emerging field of aesthetic medicine safety. 

Stylish and Ergonomic design

VINNO’s stylish design will compliment any aesthetic practice


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