Real Time Ultrasound of Diaphragm Contraction

M-Mode ultrasound of diaphragm motion (thick white Line at lower part of screen) during normal respiration Transverse view of Diaphragm thickness increasing as it contracts during normal inspiration These images were saved to USB using the Q3 ultrasoud unit. Real time...

Ultrasound Artifacts

Physiotherapist Stuart Turner demonstrates some of the artifacts that an examiner needs to be aware of when interpreting a real time ultrasound image.

Knobology of the 3000T real time ultrasound machine

Getting to know the various knobs and buttons on a real time ultrasound unit is vital in real time ultrasound imaging. This video gives a brief and basic description of the various knobs that can be found on most diagnostic ultrasound machines.  

Real Time Ultrasound Rehabilitation of Multifidus

In this video, physiotherapist Stuart Turner demonstrates how to image multifidus using real time ultrasound in the parasagittal plane with the patient in sidelying. Multifidus is thought to play an important role in stabilisation of the spine. It has been documented...