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“I purchased the QSono D8 ultrasound in May and couldn’t be happier. The quality of imaging for a hand held device is exceptional & the portability means I can use the device quickly & easily in a wide variety of locations. The wireless programming software is user friendly & patients love seeing their images in the iPad. I highly recommend the QSono D8 & the training/support provided by Stuart at Real Time Ultra Sound.”

Wireless Ultrasound that Fits into Your Pocket:

  • Extremely lightweight and portable


  • Long 5 hour battery life


  • Excellent image quality


  • Compatible with multiple devices and platforms including iOS, Android and Windows


  • Wireless connectivity

The QSONO D8 wireless ultrasound is one of the first truly pocket sized ultrasound units that gives you, high quality imaging, reliability, long battery life and a wide range of transducer head options.

The D8 is the newest unit in the range from ultrasound manufacturer QSONO. QSONO has traditionally produced entry level portable diagnostic ultrasound machines such as the Q3 which is known for its compact design and user friendly software.

The image quality from the D8 wireless ultrasound easily competes with the best wireless probes on the market and is better than most. The D8 produces it’s own WiFi signal, rather than bluetooth, so you get uninterrupted, smooth, real time imaging to almost any device.

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    QSONO D8




    This wireless, portable ultrasound unit has been a game changer for those who want to take their ultrasound with them when they travel, or between multiple workplaces.


    We’ve had excellent feedback from our customers who include doctors and health professionals from a wide range of specialties:


    Orthopaedic Surgeons, Obstetricians, Urologists, Emergency and intensive care physicians, GPs, nurses, midwives, physios, osteos, MSK and sports physicians, veterinarians, respiratory physicians, teaching hospitals and universities.




    Highlights of the QSONO D8 portable ultrasound include:


    • Improved image quality, especially in the linear probe
    • Huge continuous working life of the battery of 5 hours
    • Extremely portable and pocket sized
    • Can pair with almost any device
    • Full QSONO software available on the windows platform

    If you have any questions about this unit or any of our units, we highly recommend a quick 5 minute phone call with one of our expert staff to help you narrow down the choices based on your requirements.


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