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Premium Ultrasound Units

VINNO Ultrasound is our premium brand of ultrasound unit. VINNO Pioneered the world-first Radio Frequency platform and pride themselves on continuing innovations.

We recommend these ultrasound units for Radiology, Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Advanced Musculoskeletal Imaging, Vascular Imaging and Vet Imaging.

Mid Range Ultrasound Units

For the mid range ultrasound units we recommend SIUI. SIUI is one of the largest manufacturers of ultrasound in the world. And although they have some very high end models and also some entry level models, we believe their units in the Mid Range are by far their best value for money.

We recommend the SIUI 2100 in particular for anyone looking for high end imaging with a limited budget.

Entry Level Ultrasound Units

QSONO has built a very strong reputation in Australia with the Physiotherapy Market. The QSONO Q3 and Q6 have been best sellers every year. We highly recommend any physiotherapists, especially those using ultrasound for Men’s and Women’s Health to consider the QSONO Q3 or Q6.

More Recently QSONO have added the QSONO D8 a wireless point of care ultrasound which has improved MSK imaging and is the ultimate in portability. This would suit any point of care ultrasound operators who require pocket ultrasound.