Looking For a High Quality Cardiac Ultrasound Machine?

VINNO Cardiac Ultrasound

Created by an experienced research and development team, behind some of the world’s best known ultrasound machines, Vinno’s Cardiac ultrasound units have outstanding quality. 

VINNO combines it’s innovative Colour Doppler systems with a custom Radio-Frequency platform, for fast processing speeds and minimum loss of data. Vinno was the first company in the world to offer this kind of Radio-Frequency based platform.

  • Excellent colour sensitivity
  • Single crystal probe technology
  • Stress echo and ECG modules
  • Intuitive user interface and design

We are happy to answer any questions to make sure you get the unit that best suits your needs and provides you with the best value for money.

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We have years of experience in ultrasound and pride ourselves on offering great, honest advice for your individual situation. We’re not pushy, and we won’t try and sell you something that you don’t need.

Please read below for the units we recommend most often for cardiac applications.


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Which Unit to Choose?


The VINNO V8 is VINNOs high end portable cardiac ultrasound machine. The V8 utilises pure wave single crystal probe technology to deliver superb image quality and doppler sensitivity.

Highlights of the V8 include:

  • Lossless RF metadata improves tissue display and image contrast and sharpens image edges
  • Multi-channel technology improves resolution and penetration
  • Advanced post-processing algorithms provide high-quality images
  • Full range of cardiac diagnostic tools enables convenient, comprehensive diagnostics
  • Advanced features such as Tissue velocity imaging and Tissue Doppler



The VINNO G86 represents the pinnacle of Vinno’s technology by virtue of its sophisticated and breakthrough “Femtometer” platform and high precision, high speed imaging technology. It comprehensively upgrades ultrasound diagnostic techniques including two-dimensional, M-type, colour Doppler, high pulse repetition frequency Doppler, and continuous wave Doppler along with energy display and volume rendering performance.

For cardiac imaging the G80 provides:

  • Superb doppler sensitivity, even at depth
  • High processing power and frame rates during complex procedures
  • Full suite of cardiac calculations and advanced features
  • Pure wave single crystal probe technology

While the above are our general recommendations, every healthcare practitioner is unique and will have their own set of needs.

We highly recommend a quick 5 minute phone call with one of our expert staff to help you narrow down the choices based on your requirements.

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