Looking For an Ultrasound Machine for Your Podiatry Practice?

Ultrasound units to suit all podiatry applications, including:

  • Ultrasound imaging for even the smallest structures in the feet
  • Needle visualisation and needle enhancement
  • Sensitive colour and pulse wave doppler
  • Excellent musculoskeletal imaging

We are happy to answer any questions to make sure you get the unit that best suits your needs and provides you with the best value for money.

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We have years of experience in ultrasound and pride ourselves on offering great, honest advice for your individual situation. We’re not pushy, and we won’t try and sell you something that you don’t need.

Please read below for the units we recommend most often for podiatrists.


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Which Unit to Choose?


The QSONO D8 is the newest and most advanced ultrasound unit in the QSONO range. The D8 is a pocket sized ultrasound machine that can fit in your pocket, and easily connects with your devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows devices using it’s own wifi signal.

This unit has been a game changer for those who want to take their ultrasound with them when they travel, or between multiple workplaces.

Highlights of the QSONO D8 include

  • Improved image quality, especially in the linear probe
  • Huge continuous working life of the battery of 5 hours
  • Extremely portable and pocket sized
  • Can pair with almost any device
  • Full QSONO software available on the windows platform

Starting from just $4190+ GST, this unit represents exceptional value for money

For more information on the QSONO D8 click here


The VINNO V5 has been the most popular choice amongst our podiatry customers, why? Because the V5 has excellent quality, high frequency probes that allow you to see great detail in even the smallest structures in the foot. It is also extremely well priced and is not going to break the bank.

Highlights of the V5 include:

  • Excellent MSK image quality
  • Super sensitive doppler as a standard feature
  • Capable of supporting advanced features such as needle enhancement and elastography
  • lightweight, beautiful design and very portable

Starting from just $19,000+ GST, this unit represents high end imaging at a very reasonable price

For more information and how to order this unit please click here


The VINNO V6 is the current top of the range portable ultrasound unit from VINNO. This is an ultrasound machine for those who are looking for the highest quality and advanced features in their imaging.

Highlights of the VINNO V6 include:

  • Able to support super high frequency 23Mhz probes and hockeystick probes
  • Superior doppler sensitivity
  • Greater number of physical channels and processing power


Starting from just $21,000+ GST, this unit will compete well with ultrasound units double it’s price

To view more information and order this unit please click here

While the above are our general recommendations, every healthcare practitioner is unique and will have their own set of needs.

We highly recommend a quick 5 minute phone call with one of our expert staff to help you narrow down the choices based on your requirements.

If you would like a call back at a convenient time, please fill in the form and we will get back to you.

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