Real Time Ultrasound is a fantastic non-invasive way to get a real time image of a patient performing a pelvic floor muscle contraction. Pelivc floor muscles play an important role in stabilising the lumbopelvic region and providing support for the internal organs. Pelvic floor muscle function is often adversely affected through back pain, pregnancy and childbirth. Many patients come to see physiotherapists and other health professionals for exercises to help them strengthen their pelvic floor muscles.

Using a real time ultrasound machine, the physiotherapist is able to obtain an image of the patients pelvic floor inderectly through the bladder. When using transabdominal ultrasound to image the pelvic floor it is important to remember there are many factors that may give a false representation of pelvicc floor muscle activity. These include, resting muscle state, bladder filling, lack of bony landmarks, examiners transducer pressure.