Using Real Time Ultrasound for Deep Cervical Flexors

In this video, Peter Esselbach from Ultrasound Solutions demonstrates how real time ultrasound can be used to image and then retrain the deep Cervical Flexors. It is well established that motor recruitment patterns are altered in patients with chronic pain. For patients with chronic neck pain, the patterns of recruitment for the deep cervical flexors are of interest to physiotherapists.

Real time ultrasound is a useful tool for examining the deep cervical flexors and their recruitment during rehabilitation exercises, whilst also visualising the global sternocleidemastoid muscles and their use during rehab exercises. As an additional benefit, real time ultrasound can be used to educate patients with chronic neck pain on the location and functions of the deep cervical flexors and their importance in stabilsing the cervical spine.

You can see more information about Peter Esselbach’s ultrasound training courses for physiotherapists here.